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JusticeMatters provides empowering legal services to our vulnerable and marginalized neighbors in North Carolina, specializing in trauma-informed immigration and family law services that protect kids and help survivors of human trafficking and other traumas rebuild their lives.

JusticeMatters was established in 2009 to mobilize legal professionals to invest their skills and resources in our community for the common good. Today, we provide direct legal services in humanitarian immigration law, family law, and other civil matters through a team of staff and volunteer attorneys. We also provide community education, professional training, and policy consulting on issues affecting our clients.

JusticeMatters is faith-motivated and committed to providing trauma-informed services in a way that is empowering and culturally sensitive, in keeping with our professional duties and best practices. Affirming the dignity and worth of each individual – and acknowledging that our clients’ legal issues are often intertwined with critical social, economic, cultural, emotional, spiritual, or physical issues – we care for our clients holistically. Our staff utilizes a biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment during the intake process so we can determine each client’s individual needs and offer clients the opportunity to choose from a personalized list of service and referral options.

While all staff and board members affirm the Christian faith, JusticeMatters serves clients and accepts volunteers regardless of religious identification and does not require clients or volunteers to engage in religious activities or conversations.


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